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Phydough Fotos

What I Do

Photographing pets is a blast! My goal is to capture their dignified looks, their loving looks, and, perhaps even their goofy looks, all in one session. I want to capture what you are looking for. Your pet is your family member - you have laughed with, (and at) them, cried over them and with them, and you have cleaned up after them. They are you friend, confidant, "child," muse, and beloved companion. 

First and foremost, your pet's safety and well-being is my utmost concern. This may  mean we give extra time for the pet to relax, and maybe walk out the jitters. I may not automatically interact with your pet. We will let your pet make the first move.

I use treats, sounds, hand signals, and other motivating techniques to get just the right shot. 

My studio is currently in my home. I have a variety of backdrops, lighting configurations, and props to complement the session. Plan on a session lasting an hour to an hour and a half. We will want your pet to investigate the new surrounds and relax (as much as your pet can!) 

Shooting on location is so much fun! It offers a variety of options as well as challenges. But the results are worth it!  I have a few favorite locations I will suggest, or perhaps you have a special place. A location shoot could last up to 2 hours.

Some restrictions apply.

My Gallery

Hi! I am Charlotte!

I have been behind a camera since I was 6 years old. I watch the world as it changes through my lens.  I am starting my second career, having recently retired. I am doing something I have always wanted to do!

My husband and I are pawrents to two border collie crosses. Both are rescues. Kenzy, the black and white dog,  was born "in captivity." Her pregnant mother was picked up as a stray.

Abby, primarily black, was picked up as a feral stray at about 6 months old. Love, patience, and time is what adopted dogs need - especially love.

Being recently retired, and looking for meaningful activity, I gravitated to my two passions - dogs and photography. That is when Phydough Fotos was born!

My goal is to produce the most memorable images of your pet. (Psst: I photograph other pets as well) Whether your pet is a new addition to the family, or one in their golden years, I will work with you to capture the essence of your pet's personality and character.

Next Steps


Let's Talk!

Ready to move forward? Please complete the contact form below. Once received, I will email you a fillable form for you to complete and return. Once I receive your information, I will set up a phone call with you so we can discuss details and answer questions we may have of each other. 


Appointment Day!

The Big Day is here! The most important thing to do is relax and have fun! Your pet will do what your pet will do! Not to worry. 

I will do a large variety of shots. I may change things up a bit to offer a variety of opportunities to have a larger selection from which to choose.


Ta Da!

In about two weeks from your appointment, I will meet with you to discuss your order. The initial fee of $155 will include 5 separate digital  images sized for social media and 5" x  7" prints of those images. We can then create an order for wall art and other merch. 

Interested in a photo session with your pet?
Complete the form and I will reach out shortly! 


Thanks for submitting!

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