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“And a one, and a two…”

Updated: Jun 1

So, I am starting this blog post without a specific photo to spur me on. I may find one along the way. It has been over 13 months since I last posted, and I feel apologetic, and yet, diligent, to my passion. Less than a month after my last blog post, I had some pretty invasive forearm and wrist surgeries. I just finished number 4.

But all that is behind me, and has inspired me! I am learning, but have not yet graduated, the ability to - just be. And, I can be in my happy place behind my camera.

I am inviting you to join me on my journey, as I dare to put myself out there. I have some self-doubt, of course, but it is a leap for me to be willing to take these risks. Launching my website and starting a pet photography business is a new chapter for me, and one I am excited to jump into. Who knows where it will go!

Here is what I can offer to you. Visiting my website can offer you an escape. In these crazy and weird times, join me in appreciation of our beautiful world, amazing creatures, and adorable dogs. My “slogan” or “tag line” has always been, “looking at things a little differently.” And, my wish for you, is that after browsing my site, that perhaps you can look at things a little differently as well.

Ok, I just found my photo. It is one I took along the North Umpqua Highway (Hwy 138) in Oregon. Absolutely my favorite drive. Because of the curve and the sunshine , it reminds me of this journey I have started.

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