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Juxtaposition – not a word you find used every day. I thought it was appropriate as I took this pic of barbed wire against the incredible background of Monument Valley.

Clash of cultures? Maybe/maybe not. One perspective could say it was. But, when you look at something from a very narrow view with limited frame of reference, all sorts of conclusions could be made.

Isn’t this what we are facing today in society? Before we jump to conclusions, we should be conscientious enough to look beyond our initial take and use a wider lens to look at things. Context is critical.

What is frightening is that people are creating their own version of context while ignoring the realities that are apparent and factual. Where does this take us? Are we ready to let perspective like “the earth is flat,” or “the sky is not blue” really get grounded in society? This may be a bit extreme, but it is happening all around us.

So what do we do? Be faithful. Open your view and look with a wider lens. That doesn’t mean you cannot focus in on details, but you never know what else you may discover.

My Sunday afternoon thoughts.

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