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Look a Little Closer

What’s a Tree Got to Do With It?

Draw a tree. Brown crayon for trunk, green crayon for leaves. Done. Haven’t we all drawn trees that way?

But what if I asked you to get a little more detailed. I would get brown branches among the leaves. Black and yellow streaks along the trunk. Good, you are adding depth and character.

Finally, I give you a magnifying glass and tell you to go look at a tree trunk and come back and draw what you saw. What do you think the results would be?

Oh, my word, we would see a rainbow of colors, other species, some parts growing, and some are brand new… just by looking a little closer. We would see things we would have never, ever guessed were part of a tree trunk.

Let’s now look at the symbolism of a tree trunk. It has deep roots. It stands up and weathers all sorts of challenges. If a tree is to last, it needs a strong trunk. It needs to adapt and change with the seasons. Trees can survive even with the most horrific experiences.

People reference trees when talking about longevity, strength and adaptability. It is time we all look a little closer.

Trying to see what others don’t,


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