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Looking In All The Wrong Places

This is one of my all time bird pics. A European Robin. I literally stumbled upon this beauty in Kinsale, County Cork, Ireland. Mark (my husband) and I were wandering around Kinsale, soaking in the culture and the atmosphere - and loving every bit of it. We ended up in an alley - which actually was very fascinating. Another post, another time.

Anyway, as we walked on uneven cobblestones admiring the variety of front doors, we came across bushes /hedges across the alleyway from many front doors. Peering into the hedge, I spied this remarkable, beautiful bird. As I pulled my camera up to my eye, he cocked his head a certain way as if to pose. I had, what I consider, a perfect shot.

The European Robin and the American Robin are not related. Being more familiar with the American Robin, I appreciate their curiosity, boldness, and tenacity. I wish I knew more about the European Robin.

Any thoughts as to their character? Send me a line as to what you think!

Have a great week! Charlotte

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