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Sometimes, It Pays to Look Down

Sometimes, It pays to look down. Have you ever walked through a dense forest where the ground beneath your feet is soft, maybe spongy, and soft?

I used to live in an environment like that. It is how I imagine what earth used to be like – in dinosaur times. The world may have been more humid, have more rain and created more rainforests. I do not like humidity, but I cherish the times I can walk through a forest and spend time in this microcosm of a unique ecosystem.

I currently live in a dry, arid climate with few trees, lots of sagebrush and arid forests. They are filled with beautiful aspen. I miss walking through a forest with inches, if not feet, of dropped evergreen needles, dampness, and all sorts of new growth just hidden below the surface. For example, if I were to lay down on my stomach and film the activity on the ground, I would see all sorts of insects, all sorts of new growth, and all sorts of aging and decomposition happening. You see, the forest floor is alive!

Therefore, I challenge each of you to explore the forest floor. For example, hold you camera at your ankles and take pictures from that angle. You will be surprised.

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