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Milo's timing was off. My timing was off. The little blob above Milo is a flying treat for him, not a speck on my lens.

Looking for good timing, I believe, requires patience. I have often waited, impatiently, for the timing of something to align, but I am frequently reminded, that my timing isn't always the right timing.

Working with dogs is such a joy! And, one thing it has taught me, is that I cannot control everything. Who knew, right? Dogs, and many pets, will zig when they should have zagged. But isn't that what we love about them? Their goofy, spontaneous behaviors help endear the pets to us.

Working with the challenges of timing in dog photography has had me laughing so hard that the tears roll down my cheeks. The funniest is when I have gotten close to the dog for a close-up and their big, wet, sloppy tongue kisses my camera lens. What are you going to do? (Other than clean your lens.)

Actually, the more I look at this image, the better I like it. I will call it Milo doing a Fabio impression - you know, the tossing of the head and letting his locks fly...

Have a great weekend!


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